The Monmouth Pickleball Club (MPC) was formed in the winter of 2016 by a group of about 25 pickleball playing friends.  Not only were they hooked on the game, they enjoyed socializing together after spending time on the courts.  Friday night matches followed by dinner at local restaurants became a club ritual that first winter.  More players were introduced to the game the following year and by word of mouth they found their way to the MPC.  Membership doubled and our cozy house parties were turning into larger affairs.  In 2018, the game of pickleball continued to gain in popularity in Monmouth County and MPC membership swelled to 100 avid pickleball players.  During the winter months, the club began reserving indoor court time at local tennis centers and established a formal reservation system.  Club members also began playing more frequently in local and regional tournaments.  To improve the skill level of its players, MPC began offering Clinics and Drill sessions on a regular basis.  The club also established Skill Level Ratings for members based on the USAPA rating system.  In 2019, MPC grew to over 150 members as the club attracted many advanced players from around the county.  Club members now regularly play in local tournaments and travel to events all over the country including the U.S. Open in Florida.  Dozens of club members have won countless medals in these tournaments.  While club membership has grown and player development has made amazing advances, MPC members still value the social aspect of the club that started back in the days we could all easily fit in someone’s living room.  Regularly scheduled social events, holiday parties and impromptu get togethers allow members time to get to know one another off the court.  Just as it was when it started with a small number of pickleball friends, the goal of the Monmouth Pickleball Club is to provide a friendly atmosphere that allows all members to improve their pickleball playing skills whether it be for recreational matches or for competitive tournaments.  Just as important, we provide all club members with the opportunity to meet and make new friends both on and off the court.