Mission Statement

The Monmouth Pickleball Club (MPC) was formed in 2016 in response to the rapidly growing participation in the sport of pickleball by residents throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey.  The focus of the MPC is to provide a fun, recreational and social environment for Intermediate and Advanced pickleball players. The club also provides support to those players who elect to compete in competitive tournament play.  To accomplish its goals, the MPC:

  1. Manages and organizes play to meet the needs of the different skill levels of club participants.
  2. Provides opportunities for all of its members to learn and improve their play by offering skills and drills training sessions and clinics.
  3. Provides opportunities for all of its members to participate in open play court time, competitive tournaments and social events.
  4. Locates and secures appropriate court facilities for scheduling member play time and events.
  5. Supports the general advancement of the sport of pickleball in Monmouth County by organizing and offering lessons and training sessions for non-member beginning players.
  6. Interacts with and advises municipalities and sports facilities that operate pickleball courts used by MPC members.