The Monmouth Pickleball Club (MPC) is home to intermediate and advanced pickleball players from towns throughout Monmouth County, NJ.  To become a member of the club, a player must have a minimum skill level rating of 3.0 based on the rating system developed by the USAPA.  The majority of our players are at the 3.0 and 3.5 level and we have many 4.0+ players as well.  Currently MPC is not able to offer court times or classes for beginners or inexperienced players.  Players at this level are welcome to contact our instructors for private lessons.  They can also go to for a list of facilities that offer instruction and court time for these levels.

MPC charges a $40 annual membership fee to cover the cost of insurance and administrative expenses.  Each player is also responsible for court fees for indoor open play sessions – usually $10 – $12 per 2 hour session.  MPC also offers leagues and other special events with charges that vary according to the event.

Each year membership is capped at a level that allows members adequate access to indoor open play sessions that the club schedules.  Currently the cap is at approximately 150 members.  We do maintain a wait list once membership capacity for the year is reached.