Lobster Ball Machine

Monmouth Pickleball Club

Ball Machine Rental Program

The Monmouth Pickleball Club has purchased a Lobster Pickleball Machine and accessories for those players interested in improving their playing skills.  The machine allows players to practice volleys at the net, drop shots, lob returns and every other type of shot needed to excel at the sport. During the winter, the Lobster machine is stored at the New Shrewsbury Racquet Club.  During the summer, it can be used at outdoor venues.  In addition to the machine, we keep balls, remote control and ball collector in the storage unit.  Each player will be charged a nominal fee of $5 per session for use of the machine.  We will use the rental proceeds to offset the costs of maintenance, supplies and future replacement of the machine.   MPC members can contact Dwight Macock to schedule use of the machine after they have scheduled a court time at NSRC.  Generally it’s best for 2 players to split the court time and have one player hit while the other retrieves balls.  The current court rental rate at NSRC is $24 per hour.  Prior to using the machine for the first time, players must complete a brief orientation about use of the machine, safety and returning the equipment properly to the storage unit.  You can reach Dwight on his cell phone at 732-261-7374 (voice or text) or via email at dmacock@hotmail.com.