Women’s 2019 Winter Shoot Out

Congratulations to Gayle Hiscock who took the top spot in the MPC Women’s Winter Shoot Out played over a 10 week period at the Colts Neck Racquet Club.  Gayle claimed 1st Place with a spectacular final rating of 87.79%.  Congratulations also to Manju Shah who finished in 2nd place and Donna Clarke who finished in 3rd.  And an Honorable Mention to Kathy Misciagna who came back to the women’s group after healing her broken wrist and finished in the top spot among subs who played in the league.  Between regular players and subs, 28 MPC women played in the league and made it a huge success.  It’s great to see the level of play in the MPC women’s group continuing to improve with so many players involved.